Discord Bots

Custom Discord Bots for WAX Communities, powered by Honeycomb


This page only exists as legacy information.

Key Features:

Control member roles based on NFT ownership

Give your server's members roles based on which NFTs they own. Using Honeycomb, your bot will be able to help manage your community. This supports 10 templates/schemas/collections used for role granting.

For example, you could have 5 templates (e.g. Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), and each template grants access to a different role on your server. Holding all of them might give you a super-special role.


Each template tracked after the first ten will incur an additional $0.50 each month, up to $10 in addition, where subsequent templates will add $0.25 per template.

Whitelist generation based on NFT ownership or Discord Roles

Automatically generate whitelists for your drops with a single command!

Use .whitelist role @role or .whitelist holding template_id to have the bot quickly send you the corresponding whitelist.

Only users with Administrator permissions on your server can use this command.

Moderation via the "cone of shame" system


This is a moderation tool that mutes a user for breaking rules, allowing them to only speak in the cone-of-shame/muted/jailed channel. You can apply the cone of shame to a rulebreaker by replying to them with the .cone command, and release them from the cone of shame by replying to them with .uncone.


The .listings command will link to the AtomicHub market page for your collection


Balance checking

The .balance command allows your members to instantly get their balance, either in a channel or by DMing the bot.


Other features:

  • Dedicated bot, hosted in the cloud for maximum uptime.
  • White-label branding - use your own Bot name, avatar, and custom status
  • Fast support when it's needed
  • Access to new features as their developed

Pricing and Payment

Pricing is done in tiers, based on how many members are in your server. This has been done to allow new creators to get started, but ensure that larger communities can have the needed server resources:

Table of Pricing

<250 Members


250-500 Members


500-1000 Members


1000+ Members

$20 + $10 for every extra 1000 members (1000-2000 = $30, 2000-3000=$40, etc. Capped at 5000+ Members ($70)

Extra NFT Discord role assignment

First 5 are free, then $0.50/extra template/schema/collection monitored for up to $10 additional charges, and $0.25 for each after

The service can be paid for in WAX, and is initially billed when the bot is created, and then once per month from then on.

Do not send any WAX until after you receive an invoice.

If your server hits the next tier of pricing in a month, you will not be retrospectively charged. Payments should be sent to the address bots.sixpm.

To cancel a Discord bot, email support@sixpm.dev, and at the end of the current billing cycle, the bot will go offline. If you decide to start back up again, the bot will be switched back on after confirming it is up-to-date with the latest from SixPM Software, and the bot function will resume as normal. If payment is not received within 10 business days of an invoice, the bot may be disabled until payment is received, and additional fees and charges may be incurred.

By commissioning a SixPM Discord Bot, you agree to the pricing and terms stated here.

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