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Honeycomb v2.3.0 - Major bot update


Active Wallets:

No more non-transferable whitelist woes!

You can now set an active wallet for each Honeycomb server using the


command inside that server. If you don't nominate a wallet, the wallet you nominate with

wallets set [address]

will be used for whitelists.

Role Clean-Up:

Keeping things nice and organised in the HC hive.

Honeycomb will now remove your server's "Linked/Verification" role from members who have no current wallet link. If you have linked in the past, but Honeycomb says you don't have any wallets linked, use

.wallets add [address]

to relink your wallet. Role scanning has been greatly optimised, and now causes much less lag to Honeycomb.

New Role Options:

Galaktika rejoice - you don't have to track 100s of templates any more!

Honeycomb now allows you to track schemas and even asset attributes! This means you can now give people roles using broad categories, like a


role to anyone holding an NFT from the


schema of your collection! What's more, thanks to working with NeftyBlocks, it's now possible to give your members attribute roles too. For example, you could give a

@mythic holder

role to people lucky enough to have an NFT with that rarity in it's attributes. These roles are a little tricker to set up, so make sure you follow the instructions in the setup menu. Pricing for tracking has now been unified at # of Assets/2500

Planned features:

As I mentioned in the last announcement, development of Honeycomb is slowing down so that I can focus on building TAG to the point where it can be tested publicly.

However, there are a few features that will trickle out soon™️ - Roles for holding X number of assets matching criteria - Easily check your collection's remaining RAM in the Atomic/NeftyBlocks drops/packs contracts - Better notification when you run out of server credits - ???

If you find any bugs, please report them in the Discord Server.

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