Honeycomb Credits

Honeycomb Credits


Honeycomb works via a credit system (1 Credit = $0.05USD). Each day, your server will consume a number of credits determined by your member count and the NFTs you're tracking.

Features requiring credits:

  • Role management (excluding verified role)
  • Whitelist generation

If you don't have enough credits for a particular day, then you will not be able to use these features on your server.


How is credit usage calculated?

Honeycomb uses a number of factors to determine your usage, including members and assets being used for role management. There is a daily base upkeep of 2.5 credits if you are using the role management features.

You can check your usage from the Honeycomb settings menu in your server (.honeycomb)

Show Usage Calculations (Members = Members linked with Honeycomb, not total member count)z


Coming soon

Obtaining Honeycomb Credits

Honeycomb Credits can be obtained from NeftyBlocks. Two options are available:

  • 100 Credits ($5)
  • 1000 Credits ($50)

The purchase page can be found at this drop link:

Redeeming Honeycomb Credit NFTs

When redeeming Credit NFTs, you must use your server's Honeycomb code as the memo or your redemption will be lost. This code can be found in the server's Honeycomb settings, or by using the command .server-code inside the server and will look something like this: 69R-ZKI-K4A-LMO (SixPM's code).

To redeem, transfer the NFT with the correct memo to the wallet hc.sixpm. Ensure the details are correct, as incorrectly performed redemptions may result in the loss of your NFT.