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A synopsis of services presented, bullet points of services with short explanations, links to learn more about specialised services (if you desire), the advantages of using your services, and how they differ from the services your competition offers.


Primary Features


Dynamic NFTs

NFTs that regularly update with new information, giving weather, crypto prices, or NFT Collection market stats!



A new token contract deployed on the WAX blockchain!

The first snapshot of accounts was taken on 1 July, 2021, and distribution will be happening soon!

You can view the GUILD/WAX pair on Alcor Exchange as a Market or Liquidity Pool.


Honeycomb and Discord Bots

Honeycomb is a service to prove a Discord account and WAX address are owned by the same person.

Custom-branded Discord Bots that give your server members roles based on what NFTs they hold!

The bots also include utility tools such as jailing, and whitelisting.

See information about the bots here



SixPM Software also provides a number of other utilities for the WAX blockchain - many are currently being rewritten.

As they are, they will be linked here.

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